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Perfection Has a New Home

Perfection Ottawa Hair Studio Salon Address

Perfection Hair Design & Spa is waiting for you at its new location on 259 Laurier Ave. West in Ottawa!

Located in an even more convenient spot than before, at the intersection of Laurier Ave. West and O’Connor Street in Ottawa, Perfection is always there for you with all the services that we’ve been offering throughout our long existence.

If you are curious to see how it looks like, browse through our Facebook page where we regularly post updates with creations by our Hair Designers and skilled Estheticians!

You can book your hair appointment now by calling 613-594-4801 or simply walking into our new home at 259 Laurier Ave. West in Ottawa.

Perfection Hair Salon Spa Interior

Hair Extensions with Remy Hair & Keratin Bonds

Real Remy Hair Extensions with Keratin Bonds in Downtown Ottawa

If you ever desire a permanent hairstyle change that includes beautiful longer hair, getting Perfection Hair Extensions is the right option for you. These legendary Hair Extensions, made from 100% real human Remy Hair and Keratin Bonds, are done with a superior technique that has been perfected by Perfection’s own Hair Master Ziad. Pick your favourite hair extensions among a plethora of colours, lengths and styles.

Our Hair Extensions are a popular way of adding hair to your existing hair for additional length, colour, volume and style. You will be amazed at the possibilities. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Superior Quality Hair Extensions

Perfection Hair Extensions are made with Remy Hair. Unlike synthetic hair, Remy (or Remi) Hair is real human hair. It is immaculate, virgin hair of the highest quality grade, which means that if you look at it under the microscope, you see all the cuticle layers facing in the same direction. The cuticle layer plays the key role in hair tangling, longevity of the extensions and the hair shine. All the strands of hair must be of equal length to prevent any tangling.

Perfection Hair Extensions are extremely strong and have very limited shedding. A strong keratin bond is used for the tips, and the wefts are triple-stitched in order to secure the hair to the track.

The term Remy comes from the tradition of Indian women who donate or “remit” their hair for religious purposes. As it turns out, Indian hair has some clear advantages: it is simultaneously thin and strong.

How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions?

You can treat your hair extensions as you usually treat your own natural hair. You can comb and brush your hair as much as you want. Even though hair extensions don’t require a great deal of maintenance, a good cleaning routine will keep them looking great longer. If you are unsure of how to treat your hair, our hair stylists will prescribe you the best treatment for your hair. Remember that the longevity of hair extensions is based on your own care.

Remy hair extensions are not the only option when it comes to hair extensions. Perfection offers several alternatives to Remy Hair, for example Cold Fusion. You can view prices of our other extensions and hair cutting services here.

To permanently add additional length, volume, colour or style to your hair, getting Perfection Hair Extensions is the right decision. Call us to receive a professional in-depth consultation free of charge.

Keratin Hair Treatment Service

Keratin Hair Treatment for Permanent Restoration of Hair and Brazilian Straightening

Repair the wear and tear on your hair

The Perfection Hair Design team proudly presents the new Keratin Hair Treatment, a top of the line treatment for your hair that is now available in our Ottawa Centretown hair studio.

The treatment is recommended for those who wish to restore their damaged hair to its original luster or protect it from exposure to dire weather conditions like UV rays and cold winter air. It will even undo the damage of hair relaxers.

Our treatment will bring back your hair’s elasticity, softness and natural shine. It can also be used to help permanently straighten naturally coarse, curly or frizzy hair. This particularly applies to Ottawa’s humid climate, which tends to make the hair frizz and run out of control. Say no to perpetual ironing of those curls and frizz!

To recover your thin, straw-like hair to its original state, the Perfection team uses keratin, extracted from all-natural sources. Our Keratin Treatment is completely free of the toxic formaldehyde, complying with the latest Canadian health regulations. The 100% organic components make sure that your keratin hair-smoothing treatment gets you healthy and beautiful results.

If your hair is getting wiry and unmanageable, don’t hesitate. Don’t spend your money on ineffective hair products. Our treatment is the only reliable way to make your each day a good hair day.

And how much does all that cost? Our Keratin Hair Treatment starts at just $250 and up. Book an appointment with us now for a free evaluation!

About the Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment, also known as the Complex Smoothing Therapy, the Brazilian Treatment or Brazilian Hair Straightening, is the most effective and price sensitive way to strengthen your hair, restoring its original beauty.

Keratin is a protein that is a natural component of our hair. When applied to the hair, it fills in gaps in the dry, cracked, or damaged hair cuticles. It strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient. In the end, the keratin is sealed in with the heat of a flat iron. The natural ingredients help hold the keratin molecules together, which straightens your hair and keeps it that way.

What about colouring?

Any kind of colouring (highlights, low lights, and recolouring) can be done on hair together with our Keratin Hair Treatment. In fact, we recommend getting the treatment right after your colour so that it seals the color in as well. View our colouring prices and book an appointment now!

Perfection Hair Design & Spa Team