Hair Stylist Ziad

Ottawa’s Master Hair Stylist

If you have already heard of Perfection, you know that Ziad is the hair guru. There are rumors on the streets of Ottawa that he can cut hair blindfolded without even seeing the person, using his hands as his only guidance  – no doubt a product of his extraordinary skill and training.

Ziad heard his calling in 1986 in Lebanon when he undertook the path of a talented young hair designer. In 1989 he opened his own hair studio in Ottawa. In 1995, after an unprecedented growth and advice from his most valued clients, he relocated it to downtown Ottawa, thus creating Perfection.

Scissors and Talent

Ziad has perfected his talent at numerous hair design shows which he regularly attends. On a mission to remain on the cutting edge of hair fashion, Ziad has traveled across the globe.

He has a rich history of participating in hair expos, fashion shows and conferences across the European Union, the United States’ trend capitals of San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and others. In addition, Ziad regularly attends major hair design events in the fashion capitals of Canada, Montreal and Toronto.

Master of Styling

Ziad is an expert at achieving both a funky and a classy look. Most importantly, he does it with a personal touch and intuition.

When Ziad offers an advice, don’t think twice about taking it. In addition to knowing how to make you beautiful, his clients value his life advice as well.

Alongside his plethora of hair design achievements, Ziad is also a Schwarzkopf Academy professional and a partner of Schwarzkopf, complying with tough demands of excellence and making sure that his clients always get the latest top notch products for their hair.

To get an appointment with Ziad, call (613) 594 4801.