Hair Products

Schwarzkopf Academy Partner – Perfection Hair Design – Essensity Hair Products

Perfection Hair Design and Spa in Downtown Ottawa is partnered with Schwarzkopf Academy to provide you with top notch hair products for your hair.

It is our duty to make sure that you look great every day. If you love the professional products our hair stylists are using, you can now get them as well.

To maintain your haircut, Perfection offers a full line of high quality hair products that are available for purchase at our studio. Whether it is a Schwarzkopf conditioner, a hair gel, shampoo, or natural hair brush, these products are all carefully selected from the best items on the market.

Perfection Hair Design & Spa also uses MOROCCANOIL, the premium brand of hair salon and hair conditioning products. All the MOROCCANOIL products are available for purchase to our clients for self-maintenance of their haircuts.

Perfection also carries Advance Group (AG) Professional Hair Care Products. AG is a prestigious brand of products for your hair that makes a crucial difference between a great and a perfect haircut.

We also carry the Dermalogica line that you can find in our spa services and is available for retail purchase.